July 1, 2015

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Tougher Than Train Smoke

by Eddie Lee & Closing Time, our latest release

el closing timeThis is a diverse Country Music Fans Album. I have never been one to be imprisoned by words like Genre or Foot Print. I started writing and performing country music when I was 5 yrs old. Mind you at 5 the lyrical content wasn’t up to snuff but we traveled with a family band singing Haggard, Jones, Conway, Cash, so I certainly love traditional country and have some of that flavor in my writing. Through the years I enjoyed the 80’s and loved what Travis Tritt did in the 90’s. Loved kickin it with some Southern Rock and Blues in the past. All of that exposure to many styles of music has kind of molded what my writing is today. This is a pretty diverse CD. It’s Me. You’ll hear Rockin Country Songs that make crowds roar as well as a ballad that will bring a tear to a glass eye. Add a couple good back beat two steppers with some Honky Tonk, a Rockin Biker song and there you have it. I was recently asked what I personally liked most about this new album. For me it’s the reaction of the listeners when I am playing live. When I see heads boppin, boots shufflin, or hands in the air, couples slow dancing and all singing the lyrics with me I know I have touched somebody and that feels pretty darn good.



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1. Roll in the Hay
2:45 $1.49


2. Whiskey
3:54 $1.49


3. I Would Take Your Place
3:32 $1.49


4. More Jack
2:39 $1.49


5. I Don’t Know
5:13 $1.49


6. Whiskey & Roses
5:12 $1.49


7. Lovers Lane
3:11 $1.49


8. Bow Your Head & Pray
4:27 $1.49


9. Left Lane Wide Open
2:55 $1.49


10. Tougher Than Train Smoke
4:08 $1.49
Available as MP3, MP3 320, and FLAC files.

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